In this episode, we interview Jason Bay. Jason has been an entrepreneur since 2008 and he’s currently working to grow company revenue through marketing and sales efforts at Blissful Prospecting. Listen as Jason talks about the tough decisions he’s faced so far, including the decision to step up his freelancing stint to a full-fledge digital marketing business. 


Jason Bay’s Interview Show Notes: 

  • 00:23 – Do you want to make a big impact and big money? Be known as an authority in your field and attract more of the right clients! Get the Podcast Roadmap at 
  • 01:16 – Introducing today’s guest, Jason Bay 
  • 01:43 – Focus on Blissful Prospecting 
    • Doing a lot of digital marketing freelance 
  • 03:13 – Jason shares his sore thumb tough decision 
    • Starting a business with a partner 
    • Losing the business and regretting the partnership  
  • 04:55 – Be careful who you choose to do business with 
  • 05:47 – Jason’s lack of confidence starting a business 
  • 07:03 – The nice thing about working with your spouse 
  • 08:17 – Another tough decision 
    • Freelance work is not consistent 
    • The mistake of relying on one client 
    • Taking the step to start Blissful Prospecting 
  • 10:05 – Creating continuity for the business through service packages 
  • 11:45 – Jason’s strategy in making decisions 
    • Sleep on it! 
    • Look at all areas and angles of the situation 
    • Take a walk 
  • 13:22 – Jason’s favorite technology: 
  • 14:12 – Jason’s favorite quote: The true test on how bad you want something is whether you’re willing to give up something else to make room 
  • 15:03 – Jason’s favorite book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** 
  • 16:31 – The next on his vision board: Hiring a solid project manager 
  • 17:27 – Connect with Jason on Blissful Prospecting 


Key Takeaways from Jason Bay: 

  • Make sure you completely know the person you’re starting a business with. 
  • Start believing in yourself. 
  • Treat freelancing as a business. 


Mentioned Resources by Jason Bay: 

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