In this episode, we interview Adam Witty, the CEO of Advantage Media Forbes Books.  Adam’s business aims to help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through writing, publishing, marketing and PR. Tune in as he goes over learning to trust your instincts and taking calculated risks in order to grow your business.


Adam Witty’s Interview Show Notes: 

  • 00:23 – Need help with passive real estate investments? Go to 
  • 01:06 – Introducing today’s guest, Adam Witty 
  • 01:29 – Adam’s business 
    • Helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses 
    • Writing, publishing, marketing, and PR 
    • Core mission is to help 
  • 02:53 – How Advantage Media helps people publish their books 
    • Talking vs Writing 
    • Talk Your Book Program (done through the phone) 
  • 05:38 – Adam shares his sore thumb tough decision 
    • A friend started a marketing software business 
    • Equity will be earned thru contributing key people 
    • Lawyer’s advice: Don’t pursue the partnership 
    • Adam passed on the deal — 2 years later, the business flourished 
  • 10:07 – The difference between entrepreneurs and business managers 
  • 11:55 – Tough decision that led to a positive outcome 
    • Taking a big step forward as a company 
    • Adam created the book, How Do I Become The Authority in My Field? 
    • The agency they bought helped in creating Authority Marketing Programs for their existing customers 
    • In the last 27 months, they were able to 5x the business 
  • 16:17 – Calculate upsides and downsides of every decision 
  • 18:37 – Adam’s favorite technology: Google Calendar 
  • 19:11 – Adam’s favorite quote: You only live life once but if you work it right, once is enough 
  • 19:24 – Adam’s favorite book: American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company 
  • 20:10 – The next on Adam’s vision board: Taking the business to a global level 
  • 21:34 Connect with Adam on his website or on 


Key Takeaways from Adam Witty: 

  • Seek advice, but also learn to trust your gut instincts. 
  • Make sure you are taking calculated risks. 
  • If you really want and believe something, go for it. 


Mentioned Resources by Adam Witty: 


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